SENTIRESentiment Elicitation from Natural Text for Information Retrieval and ExtractionErik
DMSData Mining for ServiceKatsutoshi
NeuRecAdvanced Neural Algorithms and Theories for Recommender SystemsShoujin Wangshoujinwang@foxmail.com
OEDMOptimization Based Techniques for Emerging Data MiningShi
LITSALarge-scale Industrial Time Series AnalysisFlorent Forestforest@lipn.univ-paris13.fr
HDMHigh Dimensional Data MiningAta
TEAAMTransparent, Explainable and Affective Data Mining in Medical SystemsSlawomir NowaczykSlawomir.Nowaczyk@hh.se
DL-IoTDeep Learning for Internet of ThingsYunji
DDIFDeep Data Intelligence for FinanceFuxiang Chencfuxiang@gmail.com
CLEATEDContinual Learning and Adaptation for Time Evolving DataYun
DLCDeep learning and clusteringLazhar Labiodl.labiod@gmail.com
DL-CTIDeep Learning for Cyber Threat IntelligenceHsinchun Chen (Riley McIsaac)hsinchun@email.arizona.edu
MSDMMulti-source data mining Armelle Brunarmelle.brun@loria.fr
MLCSMultilingual Cognitive ServicesYihong Theisyihong@ksu.edu
IMAGINEInterpretable Machine leArninG models for bio and chemoINformatics and medicineRui Camachorcamacho@fe.up.pt
DMBIHData Mining in Biomedical Informatics and Healthcare Mohammad-Reza Siadatsiadat@oakland.edu
UDMLUtility Driven Mining and LearningVincent S.
BigData4SmartEnergyBig Data Analysis for Smart EnergyHo-Jin
DHAData Mining for Healthy AgingReynold Chengckcheng@cs.hku.hk
MLLDMining and Learning in the Legal DomainShohreh Shaghaghianshohreh.shaghaghian@thomsonreuters.com
SSTDMSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Data MiningRanga Raju Vatsavairrvatsav@ncsu.edu
IncrLearnIncremental classification and clustering, concept drift, novelty detection in big/fast data contextJean-Charles Lamirelmailto:lamirel@loria.fr
DM-HT-DNovel Data Mining Methods for the Analysis of High-Throughput Biological DataGiuseppe Agapitoagapito@unicz.it
DMESSData Mining in Earth System ScienceForrest M. Hoffmanforrest@climatemodeling.org
BSDMBlockchain Systems for Decentralized MiningQiang
DLKTDeep Learning for Knowledge Transfer Fuzhen
PMCPrivacy Management in the CyberspaceMahmoud Barhamgimahmoud.barhamgi@univ-lyon1.fr