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Session 1: Graph Mining I
DM747 "A Hidden Challenge of Link Prediction: Which Pairs to Check?"
Caleb Belth, Alican Büyükçakır, and Danai Koutra
DM963 "OWGL: Open-World Graph Learning"
Man Wu, Shirui Pan, and Xingquan Zhu
DM1051 "Adversarial Label-Flipping Attack and Defense for Graph Neural Networks"
Mengmei Zhang, Linmei Hu, Chuan Shi, and Xiao Wang
DM887"Soft Graph Matching: Submodular Relaxation and Lovasz Extension"
Aritra Konar and Nicholas Sidiropoulos
DM704 "Exploratory Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks"
Xixun Lin, Chuan Zhou, Hong Yang, Jia Wu, Haibo Wang, Yanan Cao, and Bin Wang
DM1050 "LFGCN: Levitating over Graphs with Levy Flights"
Yuzhou Chen, Yulia Gel, and Konstantin Avrachen
Session 2: Mining Spatial and Temporal Data I
DM331"Defending Water Treatment Networks: Exploiting Spatio-temporal Effects for Cyber Attack Detection"
Dongjie Wang, Pengyang Wang, Jingbo Zhou, Leilei Sun, Bowen Du, and Yanjie Fu
DM523 "Context-aware Deep Representation Learning for Geo-spatiotemporal Analysis"
Hanzi Mao, Xi Liu, Nick Duffield, Hao Yuan, Shuiwang Ji, and Binayak Mohanty
DM870"Building Autocorrelation-Aware Representations for Fine-Scale Spatiotemporal Prediction"
Yijun Lin, Yao-Yi Chiang, Meredith Franklin, Sandrah P. Eckel, and Jose Luis Ambite
DM335"T2-Net: A Semi-supervised Deep Model for Turbulence Forecasting"
Denghui Zhang, Yanchi Liu, Wei Cheng, Bo Zong, Jingchao Ni, Zhengzhang Chen, Haifeng Chen, and Hui Xiong
DM522"A Heterogeneous Spatiotemporal Network for Lightning Prediction"
Yangli-ao Geng, Qingyong Li, Tianyang Lin, Jing Zhang, Liangtao Xu, Dong Zheng, Wen Yao, Weitao Lyu, and Heng Huang
Session 3: Recommender Systems I
DM255"Dynamic Graph Collaborative Filtering"
Xiaohan Li, Mengqi Zhang, Shu Wu, Zheng Liu, Liang Wang, and Philip Yu
DM389"Fast Adaptation for Cold-start Collaborative Filtering with Meta-learning"
Tianxin Wei, Ziwei Wu, Ruirui Li, Ziniu Hu, Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Yizhou Sun, and Wei Wang
DM625"CITIES: Contextual Inference of Tail-item Embeddings for Sequential Recommendation"
Seongwon Jang, Hoyeop Lee, Hyunsouk Cho, and Sehee Chung
DM428"J-Recs: Principled and Scalable Recommendation Justification"
Namyong Park, Andrey Kan, Christos Faloutsos, and Xin Luna Dong
DM729"STGCN: A Spatial-Temporal Aware Graph Learning Method for POI Recommendation"
Haoyu Han, Mengdi Zhang, Min Hou, Fuzheng Zhang, Zhongyuan Wang, Hongwei Wang, Enhong Chen, Jianhui Ma, and Qi Liu
DM761"A Generalized-Momentum-Accelerated Hessian-Vector Algorithm for High-Dimensional and Sparse Data"
Weiling Li and Xin Luo
Session 4: Deep Learning I
DM749"Open-World Class Discovery with Kernel Networks"
Zifeng Wang, Batool Salehi, Andrey Gritsenko, Kaushik Chowdhury, Stratis Ioannidis, and Jennifer Dy
DM665"Ordinal-Content VAE: Isolating Ordinal-Valued Content Factors in Deep Latent Variable Models"
Minyoung Kim and Vladimir Pavlovic
DM916"Deep-HOSeq: Deep Higher Order Sequence Fusion for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis"
SUNNY VERMA, Rujia Shen, Jiwei Wang, Zhefeng Ge, Fan Jin, Yang Wang, Chen Wang, Fang Chen, Liming Zhu, and Wei Liu
DM757"Mate-path Hierarchical Heterogeneous Graph Convolution Network for High Potential Scholar Recognition"
Yiqing Wu, Ying Sun, Fuzhen Zhuang, Deqing Wang, Xiangliang Zhang, and Qing He
DM228"HexCNN: A Framework for Native Hexagonal Convolutional Neural Networks"
Yunxiang Zhao, Qiuhong Ke, Flip Korn, Jianzhong Qi, and Rui Zhang
Session 5: Unsupervised Learning
DM583"Dynamic Similarity Search on Integer Sketches"
Shunsuke Kanda and Yasuo Tabei
DM776"Probabilistic Neural-Kernel Tensor Decomposition"
Conor Tillinghast, Shikai Fang, Kai Zheng, and Shandian Zhe
DM690"Community Detection with Local Metric Learning"
Peiyan Li, Honglian Wang, Jianyun Lu, Qinli Yang, and Junming Shao
DM596"An Interpretable Data Embedding under Uncertain Distance Information"
Nikolaos Freris, Michalis Vlachos, and Ahmad Ajalloeian
DM824"Extremely Sparse Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform: From Theory to Algorithm"
Rong Yin, Yong Liu, Weiping Wang, and Dan Meng
DM835"The Relaxed Maximum Entropy Distribution and its Application to Pattern Discovery"
Sebastian Dalleiger and Jilles Vreeken
Session 6: Social Networks
DM615"Integrating Group Homophily and Individual Personality of Topics Can Better Model Network Communities"
Yingkui Wang, Di Jin, Carl Yang, and Jianwu Dang
DM622"Heterogeneous Mini-Graph Neural Network and Its Application to Fraud Invitation Detection"
Yong-Nan Zhu, Xiaotian Luo, Yu-Feng Li, Bin Bu, Kaibo Zhou, Wenbin Zhang, and Mingfan Lu
DM209"Pairwise Learning for Name Disambiguation in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Academic Networks"
Qingyun Sun, Hao Peng, Jianxin Li, Senzhang Wang, Xiangyu Dong, Liangxuan Zhao, Philip S. Yu, and Lifang He
DM934"Rethinking Local Community Detection: Query Nodes Replacement"
Yuchen Bian, Jun Huan, Dejing Dou, and Xiang Zhang
DM260"Opinion Dynamics Incorporating Higher-Order Interactions"
Zuobai Zhang, Wanyue Xu, Zhongzhi Zhang, and Guanrong Chen
DM873"Finding Teams of Maximum Mutual Respect"
Sofia Maria Nikolakaki, Evaggelia Pitoura, Evimaria Terzi, and Panayiotis Tsaparas
Session 7: Time Series I
DM738"Fast Sparse Connectivity Network Adaption via Meta-Learning"
Bo Jin, Ke Cheng, Yue Qu, Liang Zhang, Keli Xiao, Xinjiang Lu, and Xiaopeng Wei
DM775"Just Wait For It... Sequential Patterns with Reliable Predictions"
Joscha Cueppers and Jilles Vreeken
DM364"MERLIN: Parameter-Free Discovery of Arbitrary Length Anomalies in Massive Time Series Archives"
Takaaki Nakamura, Makoto Imamura, Ryan Mercer, and Eamonn Keogh
DM239"Exact Discovery of Time Series Motifs under DTW"
Sara Alaee, Kaveh Kamgar, and Eamonn Keogh
DM1002"FilCorr: Filtered and Lagged Correlation on Streaming Time Series"
Sheng Zhong, Vinicius Souza, and Abdullah Mueen
DM457"Fast Automatic Feature Selection for Multi-Period Sliding Window Aggregate in Time Series"
Rui An, Xingtian Shi, and Baohan Xu
Session 8: Recommender Systems II
DM780"Interest Sustainability-Aware Recommender System"
Dongmin Hyun, Junsu Cho, Chanyoung Park, and Hwanjo Yu
DM807"PMLF: Prediction-Sampling-based Multilayer-Structured Latent Factor Analysis"
Di Wu, Long Jin, and Xin Luo
DM1109"Global Context Enhanced Social Recommendation with Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks"
Huance Xu, Chao Huang, Yong Xu, Lianghao Xia, Hao Xing, and Dawei Yin
DM683"Modeling Personalized Out-of-Town Distances in Location Recommendation"
Daizong Ding, Mi Zhang, Xudong Pan, Min Yang, and Xiangnan He
DM849"Bandits Under the Influence"
Silviu Maniu, Stratis Ioannidis, and Bogdan Cautis
DM453"Robust Product Rating Rules Against Herding Effects: Theory and Applications"
Hong Xie and Mingze Zhong
Session 9: Deep Learning II
DM633"Improving Object Detection with Relation Mining Network"
Shengjia Chen, Zhixin Li, Feicheng Huang, Canlong Zhang, and Huifang Ma
DM597"Dynamic Connected Neural Decision Classifier and Regressor with Dynamic Soft Pruning"
Xinyu Fan, Faen Zhang, Xiang Lei, Jiahong Wu, Pengcheng Zhou, Jianfei Song, Jiashui Huang, Shenglan Ben, and Ze Huang
DM788"NAG: Neural feature aggregation framework for credit card fraud detection"
Kanishka Ghosh Dastidar, Johannes Jurgovsky, Wissam Siblini, Liyun He-Guelton, and Michael Granitzer
DM242"Pruning Deep Neural Networks with L0-constrained Optimization"
Dzung Phan, Lam Nguyen, Nam Nguyen, and Jayant Kalagnanam
DM270"CorDEL: A Contrastive Deep Learning Approach for Entity Linkage"
Zhengyang Wang, Bunyamin Sisman, Hao Wei, Xin Luna Dong, and Shuiwang Ji
Session 10: Textual and Unstructured Data I
DM343"Hybrid Context-Aware Word Sense Disambiguation in Topic Modeling based Document Representation"
Wenbo Li and Einoshin Suzuki
DM556"Interactive Attention Networks for Semantic Text Matching"
Sendong Zhao, Yong Huang, Chang Su, Yuantong Li, and Fei Wang
DM393"Exploiting Knowledge Structure for Finding Similar Exercises in Online Education Systems"
Wei Tong, Shiwei Tong, Wei Huang, Liyang He, Jianhui Ma, Qi Liu, and Enhong Chen
DM789"Technical Phrase Extraction for Patent Mining: A Multi-level Approach"
Ye Liu, Han Wu, Zhenya Huang, Hao Wang, Jianhui Ma, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen, Hanqing Tao, and Ke Rui
DM458"LPV: A Log Parser Based on Vectorization for Offline and Online Log Parsing"
Tong Xiao, Zhi-Jie Wang, Zhe Quan, Kaiqi Zhao, and Xiangke Liao
DM1041"TADO: Time-varying Attention with Dual-Optimizer Model"
Yuexin Wu and Tianyu Gao
Session 11: Graph Mining II
DM803"GraphEBM: Energy-based Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised Learning"
Zhijie Chen, Hongtai Cao, and Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
DM370"Graph Pooling with Representativeness"
Juanhui Li, Yao Ma, Yiqi Wang, Charu Aggarwal, Changdong Wang, and Jiliang Tang
DM552"Beyond Localized Graph Neural Networks: An Attributed Motif Regularization Framework"
Aravind Sankar, Junting Wang, Adit Krishnan, and Hari Sundaram
DM553"Evolution of Real-world Hypergraphs: Patterns and Models without Oracles"
Yunbum Kook, Jihoon Ko, and Kijung Shin
DM1132"Heterogeneous Molecular Graph Neural Networks for Predicting Molecule Properties"
Zeren Shui and George Karypis
DM231"Multi-Granular Active Learning with Networked Data: A Model-Free Approach"
Yi He, Xu Yuan, Nian-Feng Tzeng, and Xindong Wu
Session 12: Mining Spatial and Temporal Data II
DM391"Fast Spatial Autocorrelation"
Anar Amgalan, Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi, and Steven S. Skiena
DM867"Efficient Top-k Temporal Closeness Calculation in Temporal Networks"
Lutz Oettershagen and Petra Mutzel
DM1151"Multivariate Time-series Anomaly Detection via Graph Attention Network"
Hang Zhao, Yujing Wang, Juanyong Duan, Congrui Huang, Defu Cao, Yunhai Tong, Bixiong Xu, Jing Bai, Jie Tong, and Qi Zhang
DM923"Spatiotemporal Hypergraph Convolution Networks for Stock Movement Forecasting"
Ramit Sawhney, Shivam Agarwal, Arnav Wadhwa, and Rajiv Shah
DM697"Inductive Granger Causal Modeling for Multivariate Time Series"
Yunfei Chu, Xiaowei Wang, Jianxin Ma, Kunyang Jia, Jingren Zhou, and Hongxia Yang
DM1110"AGSTN: Learning Attention-adjusted Graph Spatio-Temporal Networks for Short-term Urban Sensor Value Forecasting"
Yi-Ju Lu and Cheng-Te Li
Session 13: E-Learning and E-Commerce
DM720"BERT2DNN: BERT Distillation with Massive Unlabeled Data for Online E-Commerce Search"
Yunjiang Jiang, Yue Shang, Ziyang Liu, Hongwei Shen, Yun Xiao, Weipeng Yan, and Di Jin
DM732"Learning to Undersampling for Class Imbalanced Credit Risk Forecasting"
Jianfeng Chi, Guanxiong Zeng, Qiwei Zhong, Ting Liang, Jinghua Feng, Xiang Ao, and Jiayu Tang
DM390"Structure-based Knowledge Tracing: An Influence Propagation View"
Shiwei Tong, Qi Liu, Wei Huang, Zhenya Huang, Enhong Chen, Chuanren Liu, Haiping Ma, and Shijin Wang
DM383"The Phantom Steering Effect in Q&A Websites"
Nicholas Hoernle, Gregory Kehne, Ariel D. Procaccia, and Kobi Gal
DM483"Learning Personal Conscientiousness from Footprints in E-Learning Systems"
Lo Pang-Yun Ting, Shan-Yun Teng, Kung-Ta Chuang, and Ee-Peng Lim
DM854"EWS-GCN: Edge Weight-Shared Graph Convolutional Network for Transactional Banking Data"
Ivan Sukharev, Valentina Shumovskaia, Kirill Fedyanin, Maxim Panov, and Dmitry Berestnev
Session 14: Reinforcement Learning
DM250"Meta-AAD: Active Anomaly Detection with Deep Reinforcement Learning"
Daochen Zha, Kwei-Herng Lai, Mingyang Wan, and Xia Hu
DM527"Simplifying Reinforced Feature Selection via Restructured Choice Strategy of Single Agent"
Xiaosa Zhao, Kunpeng Liu, Wei Fan, Xiaowei Zhao, Minghao Yin, and Yanjie Fu
DM547"Adversarial Precision Sensing with Healthcare Applications"
Fengyi Tang, Lifan Zeng, Fei Wang, and Jiayu Zhou
DM306"Soft policy optimization using dual-track advantage estimator"
Yubo Huang, Xuechun Wang, Luobao Zou, Zhiwei Zhuang, and Weidong Zhang
DM325"Diversity-aware Interactive Reinforced Feature Selection"
Wei Fan, Kunpeng Liu, Hao Liu, Pengyang Wang, Yong Ge, and Yanjie Fu
DM536"Effects of Model Misspecification on Bayesian Bandits: Case Studies in UX Optimization"
Mackenzie Sweeney, Matthew van Adelsberg, Kathryn Laskey, and Carlotta Domeniconi
Session 15: Textual and Unstructured Data II
DM461"MDPL-net: Multi-layer Dictionary Learning Network with Added Skip Dense Connections"
Zhao Zhang, Yulin Sun, Yang Wang, Zheng Zhang, Lin Wu, and Meng Wang
DM293"Semantics-assisted Wasserstein Learning for Topic and Word Embeddings"
Changchun Li, Ximing Li, Jihong Ouyang, and Yiming Wang
DM1079"Up and Down: Modelling Personality with Psycholinguistic Features and Language Models"
Yash Mehta, Samin Fatehi, Amirmohammad Kazameini, Clemens Stachl, Erik Cambria, and Sauleh Eetemadi
DM342"Self-Attentive Classification-Based Anomaly Detection in Unstructured Logs"
Sasho Nedelkoski, Jasmin Bogatinovski, Alexander Acker, Jorge Cardoso, and Odej Kao
DM562"TopicOcean: An Ever-Increasing Topic Model With Meta-learning"
Yuanfeng Song, Yongxin Tong, Siqi Bao, Di Jiang, Hua Wu, and Raymond Chi-Wing Wong
DM855"Cold Item Recommendations via Hierarchical Item2vec"
Oren Barkan, Avi Caciularu, Idan Rejwan, Jonathan Weill, Ori Katz, Itzik Malkiel, and Noam Koenigstein
Session 16: Graph Embedding and Representation Learning I
DM1061"FeatureNorm:L2 Feature Normalization for Dynamic Graph Embedding"
Menglin Yang, Ziqiao Meng, and Irwin King
DM938"AtNE-Trust: Attributed Trust Network Embedding for Trust Prediction in Online Social Networks"
Qi Wang, Weiliang Zhao, Jian Yang, Jia Wu, Chuan Zhou, and Qianli Xing
DM953"Tree Structure-Aware Graph Representation Learning via Integrated Hierarchical Aggregation and Relational Metric Learning"
Ziyue Qiao, Pengyang Wang, Yanjie Fu, Yi Du, Pengfei Wang, and Yuanchun Zhou
DM275"NF-VGA: Incorporating Normalizing Flows into Graph Variational Autoencoder for Embedding Attribute Networks"
Hongyu Shan, Di Jin, Pengfei Jiao, Ziyang Liu, Bingyi Li, and Yuxiao Huang
DM967"A Hybrid Model for Learning Embeddings and Logical Rules Simultaneously from Knowledge Graphs"
Susheel Suresh and Jennifer Neville
DM1092"Robust Meta Network Embedding against Adversarial Attacks"
Yang Zhou, Jiaxiang Ren, Dejing Dou, Ruoming Jin, Jingyi Zheng, and Kisung Lee
Session 17: Time Series II
DM911"Order-Preserving Metric Learning for Mining Multivariate Time Series"
Jie Xu, Zhengxing Xu, Bin Yu, and Fei Wang
DM851"GROSSO: Mining Statistically Robust Patterns from a Sequence of Datasets"
Andrea Tonon and Fabio Vandin
DM674"Learning Periods from Incomplete Multivariate Time Series"
Lin Zhang, Alexander Gorovits, Wenyu Zhang, and Petko Bogdanov
DM948"Dual-Side Auto-Encoder for High-Dimensional Time Series Segmentation"
Yue Bai, Lichen Wang, Yunyu Liu, Yu Yin, and Yun Fu
DM473"Fast and Accurate Time Series Classification Through Supervised Interval Search"
Nestor Cabello, Elham Naghizade, Jianzhong Qi, and Lars Kulik
DM830"Mining Recurring Patterns in Real-Valued Time Series using the Radius Profile"
Dieter De Paepe and Sofie Van Hoecke
Session 18: Generative Methods
DM493"TrajGAIL: Trajectory Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning for Long-term Decision Analysis"
Xin Zhang, Yanhua Li, Xun Zhou, Ziming Zhang, and Jun Luo
DM362"Co-Embedding Network Nodes and Hierarchical Labels with Taxonomy Based Generative Adversarial Networks"
Carl Yang, Jieyu Zhang, and Jiawei Han
DM423"Adversarial Active Learning based Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Fake News Detection"
Yuxiang Ren, Bo Wang, Jiawei Zhang, and Yi Chang
DM533"Data-Agnostic Local Neighborhood Generation"
Riccardo Guidotti and Anna Monreale
DM915"ERGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Entity Resolution"
Jingyu Shao, Qing Wang, Asiri Wijesinghe, and Erhard Rahm
DM430"Graph Sparsification with Generative Adversarial Network"
Hang-Yang Wu and Yi-Ling Chen
DM587"Learning from Incomplete Labeled Data via Adversarial Data Generation"
Wentao Wang, Tyler Derr, Yao Ma, Suhang Wang, Hui Liu, Zitao Liu, and Jiliang Tang
Session 19: Mining Medical Data
DM436"BiteNet: Bidirectional Temporal Encoder Network to Predict Medical Outcomes"
Xueping Peng, Guodong Long, Tao Shen, Sen Wang, Jing Jiang, and Chengqi Zhang
DM603"Rethinking Dice Loss for Medical Image Segmentation"
Rongjian Zhao, Buyue Qian, Xianli Zhang, Yang Li, Rong Wei, Yang Liu, and Yinggang Pan
DM814"Estimating Individual Treatment Effects with Time-Varying Confounders"
Ruoqi Liu, Changchang Yin, and Ping Zhang
DM1100"A Weighted Overlook Graph Representation of EEG Data for Absence Epilepsy Detection"
Jialin Wang, Shen Liang, Ye Wang, Yanchun Zhang, Dake He, Jiangang Ma, Chunyang Ruan, Yingpei Wu, Xiaoyuan Hong, and Jiaqiu Shen
DM266"Predicting Parkinson's Disease with Multimodal Irregularly Collected Longitudinal Smartphone Data"
Weijian Li, Wei Zhu, Jiebo Luo, and Ray Dorsey
DM348"Learning Space-Time-Frequency Representation with Two-Stream Attention Based 3D Network for Motor Imagery Classification"
Zhenqi Li, Jing Wang, Ziyu Jia, and Youfang Lin
DM899"Confidence Calibration on Multiclass Classification in Medical Imaging"
Wenjing Yang, Zhantao Cao, Qin Chen, Yuhong Yang, and Guowu Yang
Session 20: Security and Privacy
DM262"Provably Robust Node Classification via Low-Pass Message Passing"
Yiwei Wang, Shenghua Liu, Minji Yoon, Hemank Lamba, Wei Wang, Christos Faloutsos, and Bryan Hooi
DM330"MALCOM: Generating Malicious Comments to Attack Neural Fake News Detection Models"
Thai Le, Suhang Wang, and Dongwon Lee
DM495"Towards Inspecting and Eliminating Trojan Backdoors in Deep Neural Networks"
Wenbo Guo, Lun Wang, Yan Xu, Xinyu Xing, Min Du, and Dawn Song
DM418"Metagraph Aggregated Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Illicit Traded Product Identification in Underground Market"
Yujie Fan, Yanfang (Fanny) Ye, Qian Peng, Jianfei Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Xusheng Xiao, Chuan Shi, Qi Xiong, Fudong Shao, and Liang Zhao
DM1084"Generalizing Universal Adversarial Attacks Beyond Additive Perturbations"
Yanghao Zhang, Wenjie Ruan, Fu Wang, and Xiaowei Huang
DM382"Hide and Mine in Strings: Hardness and Algorithms"
Giulia Bernardini, Alessio Conte, Garance Gourdel, Roberto Grossi, Grigorios Loukides, Nadia Pisanti, Solon Pissis, Giulia Punzi, Leen Stougie, and Michelle Sweering
DM800"Community Preserved Social Graph Publishing with Node Differential Privacy"
Sen Zhang, Weiwei Ni, and Nan Fu
Session 21: Graph Embedding and Representation Learning II
DM290"PERFECT: A Hyperbolic Embedding for Joint Social Network Alignment"
Li Sun, Zhongbao Zhang, Jiawei Zhang, Feiyang Wang, Yang Du, Sen Su, and Philip S. Yu
DM758"LineaRE: Simple but Powerful Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction"
Yanhui Peng and Jing Zhang
DM959"Sub-graph Contrast for Scalable Self-Supervised Graph Representation Learning"
Yizhu Jiao, Yun Xiong, Jiawei Zhang, Yao Zhang, Tianqi Zhang, and Yangyong Zhu
DM692"Cross-Graph: Robust and Unsupervised Embedding for Attributed Graphs with Corrupted Structure"
Chun Wang, Bo Han, Shirui Pan, Jing Jiang, Gang Niu, and Guodong Long
DM623"Learning Node Representations from Noisy Graph Structures"
Junshan Wang, Ziyao Li, Qingqing Long, Weiyu Zhang, Guojie Song, and Chuan Shi
DM961 "The Necessity of Geometrical Representation for Deep Graph Analysis"
Mostafa Rahmani and Ping Li
DM1125"Deep Semantic Network Representation"
Xuexiong Luo, Xiankun zhang, Yuan Wang, Jia Wu, and Chuan Zhou
Session 22: Supervised Learning I
DM404"Online AUC Optimization for Sparse High-Dimensional Datasets"
Baojian Zhou, Yiming Ying, and Steven Skiena
DM666"Partial Multi-Label Learning using Label Compression"
Tingting Yu, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, and Xiangliang Zhang
DM529"Effective Proximal Methods for Non-convex Non-smooth Regularized Learning"
Guannan Liang, Qianqian Tong, Jiahao Ding, Miao Pan, and Jinbo Bi
DM743"Learn-Prune-Share for Lifelong Learning"
Zifeng Wang, Tong Jian, Kaushik Chowdhury, Yanzhi Wang, Jennifer Dy, and Stratis Ioannidis
DM611"Multi-type Objects Multi-view Multi-instance Multi-label Learning"
Yuanlin Yang, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, and Xiangliang Zhang
DM469"Optimal Probabilistic Classification in Active Class Selection"
Mirko Bunse, Dorina Weichert, Alexander Kister, and Katharina Morik
DM561"Null-Labelling: A Generic Approach for Learning in the Presence of Class Noise"
Benjamin Denham, Russel Pears, and M. Asif Naeem
Session 23: Outliers and Anomaly Detection
DM476"Mining Text Outliers in Document Directories"
Edouard Fouché, Yu Meng, Fang Guo, Honglei Zhuang, Klemens Böhm, and Jiawei Han
DM360"LP-Explain: Local Pictorial Explanation for Outliers"
Haoyu Liu, Fenglong Ma, Yaqing Wang, Shibo He, Jiming Chen, and Jing Gao
DM795"COPOD: Copula-Based Outlier Detection"
Zheng Li, Yue Zhao, Nicola Botta, Cezar Ionescu, and Xiyang Hu
DM497"Anomaly Detection on Dynamic Bipartite Graph with Burstiness"
Zhe Chen and Aixin Sun
DM379"Anomaly Aware Network Embedding: A Novel Network Embedding For Anomaly Link Detection"
Dongsheng Duan, Lingling Tong, Yangxi Li, Jie Lu, Lei Shi, and Cheng Zhang
DM784"Random Histogram Forest for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection"
Andrian Putina, Mauro Sozio, Dario Rossi, and Jose Manuel Navarro
DM888"Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Multisensory Data from Honey Bee Colonies"
Diren Senger, Carolin Johannsen, Alexandros Melemenidis, Alexander Goncharskiy, and Thorsten Kluss
Session 24: Stream, Parallel and High-Performance Data Mining
DM474"Online Optimized Product Quantization"
Chong Liu, Defu Lian, Min Nie, and Hu Xia
DM987"MARLINE: Multi-Source Mapping Transfer Learning for Non-Stationary Environments"
Honghui Du, Leandro Minku, and Huiyu Zhou
DM214"Toward Model Parallelism for Deep Neural Network based on Gradient-free ADMM Framework"
Junxiang Wang, Zheng Chai, Yue Cheng, and Liang Zhao
DM991"Force2Vec: Parallel force-directed graph embedding"
Md. Khaledur Rahman, Majedul Haque Sujon, and Ariful Azad
DM278"Autonomous Graph Mining Algorithm Search with Best Speed/Accuracy Trade-off"
Minji Yoon, Theophile Gervet, Bryan Hooi, and Christos Faloutsos
DM734"Detecting hierarchical changes in latent variable models"
Shintaro Fukushima and Kenji Yamanishi
Session 25: Semi-Supervised Learning
DM570"Semi-Supervised Partial Multi-Label Learning"
Ming-Kun Xie and Sheng-Jun Huang
DM930"ViVA: Semi-supervised Visualization via Variational Autoencoder"
Sungtae An, Shenda Hong, and Jimeng Sun
DM349"Classifier Invariant Approach to Learn from Positive-Unlabeled Data"
Amit Dhurandhar and Karthik Gurumoorthy
DM755"Learning from Multi-Class Positive and Unlabeled Data"
Senlin Shu, Zhuoyi Lin, Yan Yan, and Li Li
DM1005"Community Attention Network for Semi-supervised Node Classification"
Zhongjing Yu, Han Wang, Yang Liu, Christian Böhm, and Junming Shao
DM1045"Enhancing Mixup-based Semi-Supervised Learning with Explicit Lipschitz Regularization"
Prashnna Gyawali, Sandesh Ghimire, and Linwei Wang
DM774"Semi-Supervised Abductive Learning and Its Application to Theft Judicial Sentencing"
Yu-Xuan Huang, Wang-Zhou Dai, Jian Yang, Le-Wen Cai, Shaofeng Cheng, Ruizhang Huang, Yu-Feng Li, and Zhi-Hua Zhou
Session 26: Supervised Learning II
DM746"Stochastic Hard Thresholding Algorithms for AUC Maximization"
Zhenhuan Yang, Baojian Zhou, Yunwen Lei, and Yiming Ying
DM777"Online Bayesian Sparse Learning with Spike and Slab Priors"
Shikai Fang, Shandian Zhe, Kuang-chih Lee, Kai Zhang, and Jennifer Neville
DM962"DoubleEnsemble: A New Ensemble Method Based on Sample Reweighting and Feature Selection for Financial Data Analysis"
Chuheng Zhang, Yuanqi Li, Xi Chen, Yifei Jin, Jian Li, and Pingzhong Tang
DM1093"Exploiting Inconsistency Problem in Multi-label Classification via Metric Learning"
Peiyan Li, Zhili Qin, Honglian Wang, Qinli Yang, and Junming Shao
DM957"Robust Collaborative Learning with Noisy Labels"
Mengying Sun, Jing Xing, Bin Chen, and Jiayu Zhou
DM989 "Robust Multi-Target Regression for Correlated Data Corruption"
Xuchao Zhang and Yingwen Shao
DM1121"Heterogeneous Transfer Learning on Power Systems: A Merged Multi-Modal Gaussian Graphical Model"
Haoran Li, Yang Weng, and Hanghang Tong
Session 27: Clustering
DM377"Deep Incomplete Multi-View Multiple Clusterings"
Shaowei Wei, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, and Xiangliang Zhang
DM773"Approximation algorithms for probabilistic $k$-center clustering"
Sharareh Alipour
DM440"A mixed integer linear programming approach for the soft graph clustering problems"
Vicky Mak-Hau and John Yearwood
DM507"Dissimilarity Random Forest Clustering"
Manuele Bicego
DM712"Ensemble Learning for Spectral Clustering"
Hongmin Li, Xiuca Ye, Akira Imakura, and Tetsuya Sakurai
DM845"AutoClust: A Framework for Automated Clustering based on Cluster Validity Indices"
Yannis Poulakis, Christos Doulkeridis, and Dimosthenis Kyriazis
DM634"Toward Unsupervised Graph Neural Network: Interactive Clustering and Embedding via Optimal Transport"
Liang Yang, Yuangfang Guo, Xiaochun Cao, Chuan Wang, Lu Zhai, Di Jin, and Junhua Gu
Session 28: Mining Traffic and Transport Data
DM928"Prescriptive Learning for Air-Cargo Revenue Management"
Stefano Giovanni Rizzo, Yixian Chen, Linsey Pang, Ji Lucas, Zoi Kaoudi, Jorge Quiane, and Sanjay Chawla
DM619"Multi-Attention 3D Residual Neural Network for Origin-Destination Crowd Flow Prediction"
Jiaman Ma, Jeffrey Chan, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Goce Ristanoski, and Christopher Leckie
DM322"A Goal-Prioritized Algorithm for Additional Route Deployment on Existing Mass Transportation System"
Fandel Lin and Hsun-Ping Hsieh
DM768"Interpretable Spatiotemporal Deep Learning Model for Traffic Flow Prediction based on Potential Energy Fields"
Jiahao Ji, Jingyuan Wang, Zhe Jiang, Jingtian Ma, and Hu Zhang
DM1123"Exploiting Frequency Information in Spatiotemporal Modeling for Traffic Prediction"
Xian Zhou, Yanyan Shen, and Linpeng Huang
DM486"TSSRGCN: Temporal Spectral Spatial Retrieval Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Flow Forecasting"
Xu Chen, Yuanxing Zhang, Lun Du, Zheng Fang, Yi Ren, Kaigui Bian, and Kunqing Xie
DM526"cST-ML: Continuous Spatial-Temporal Meta-Learning for Traffic Dynamics Prediction"
Yingxue Zhang, Yanhua Li, Xun Zhou, and Jun Luo
Session 29: Imbalance, Fairness and Human aspects
DM868"Metric-Free Individual Fairness with Cooperative Contextual Bandits"
Qian Hu and Huzefa Rangwala
DM976 "A Primal-Dual Subgradient Approach for Fair Meta Learning"
Chen Zhao, Feng Chen, Zhuoyi Wang, and Latifur Khan
DM799"Quality meets Diversity: A Model-Agnostic Framework for Computerized Adaptive Testing"
Haoyang Bi, Haiping Ma, Zhenya Huang, Yu Yin, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen, Yu Su, and Shijin Wang
DM513"MixBoost: Synthetic Oversampling with Boosted Mixup for Handling Extreme Imbalance"
Anubha Kabra, Ayush Chopra, Nikaash Puri, Pinkesh Badjatiya, Sukriti Verma, Piyush Gupta, and Balaji Krishnamurthy
DM1047"Fairness Perception from a Network-Centric Perspective"
Farzan Masrour, Pang-Ning Tan, and Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian
DM575"Your Best Guess When You Know Nothing: Identification and Mitigation of Selection Bias"
Katharina Dost, Katerina Taskova, Patricia Riddle, and Jörg Wicker